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To provide valuable learning experiences that will build a strong foundation for lifelong learning and healthy, happy living. 




We believe children learn and develop through play and sensory stimulation when learning new concepts. Play is the work of children. 


Learning should be fun and interactive, allowing the child to grow, problem solve, build confidence and develop positive self-esteem. Competence and leadership are developed through experiencing success. 


We strive to develop a program that cultivates knowledge, skill development and positive attitudes for lifelong learning. 


Each child has varied needs, interests and learning styles. We provide the opportunity to meet the needs of each individual student and allow them to move at their own pace and developmental level. Children will be encouraged to explore and experience structured and open-ended activities. 


Materials and activities are incorporated to develop social, physical (fine/gross motor), creative, emotional, and intellectual areas of growth. We strive to develop the whole child through an environment that is safe, challenging, caring, respectful, creative and nurturing for the child while offering support and reassurance. 


Parents are encouraged to be involved in their child's learning. We believe that communication is the key to building positive relationships with respect and guidance. 






Ms.Chandra  ms.gill Ms.Tasneem

Ms.Dianne Ms.Carrie


​the basics. 

    early childhood education. First Aid. CPR. 



    validated AND CURRENT Criminal Record check with      vulnerable sector search


    40+ years of experience.

    Have a genuine love for children.

    caring. trustworthy. 

    respectful and approachable. 

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